Bedlam Beard Company - Based in Indiana. We strive to make the finest beard grooming products from the finest materials available. Our oils and creams are blended , poured and packaged here in Indiana USA. All combs made right here as well. We hope you enjoy Bedlam Beard Company products.



Hey everyone,

Just a minor rant or update, SHIPPING AND HANDLING generally takes 5-7 days. I try and get this done quicker but lately i’ve had an influx of USPS fuckups, and I’ve also had an influx of impatient customers or possible customers! I’ve literally had guys place an order and within 36 hours ask me where their shipment is, so from now on, there will be a 5-7 day SHIPPING AND HANDLING time.

I generally get orders out way quicker, but also USPS has been shipping packages to other parts of the county for what reason I have no idea. Example, I shipped an order to Southern Indiana, literally 3 hours away, and the tracking placed the package in fucking IOWA!!! WTF?? So once I place something in the bin anti leaves my shop, I don’t have any more control over it than I do the weather! So please bare with me, and we will figure this out!

One more thing I advise all of you who purchase balms or butters, throw them in the refrigerator for an hour. These products are designed to emulsify with body heat, so excruciating weather will make them melt!

Pretty excited overall about some new things coming down the pipeline! Stay tuned!


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