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Balms vs Oil

"“What will help my beard grow better, balm or oil?”

Many people ask what is the difference between beard oil and beard balm. The two are very similar with one major difference. Both contain carrier and essential oils that help moisturize you beard and keep the skin healthy. However, many types of beard balm have added beeswax that hardens after use and provides hold and styling properties for your beard. Since beeswax can clog pores on your face, it is recommended that you use oil as your everyday beard conditioner, while the balm should be used mainly for styling purposes; both are great for your beard, but are designed to achieve different goals. (FYI BEDLAM DOES NOT USE BEESWAX IN IT’S BALM) So in other words, you need to use oil to keep the beard healthy, and balm to keep it styled. The more you know, the better your beard will grow.

I personally recommend the balm to the shorter beards, less than 1'“ as its less mess, less oily on the skin. The balm emulsifies (Use ample amount on hand, then rub hands together=Emulsify) which allows for an easier application and less clean up. Also, don’t be afraid to use in your hair, or your bald head, or your arms or skin. I mean if you love the scent so much, you can wear it anywhere! It won’t hurt you!

I have had many people use our balms for various things, once on a guitar Strat, I’ve used it as hair balm to style my hair, i’ve had a lady use it for sun poisoning, and i’ve used it for tattoos. It is made up of essential oils, shea butter, coconut butter, and almond oil…so its really good for your skin. I see all these other companies labeling the same thing differently and selling you another product, when this is the same product, just with multiple uses. Fuck those guys, i’m not here to get your pockets, I’m here because I believe in these products!

I have used the new CanniBearD balm on my knees, as a topical. Its helped provide some relief for a few hours, and also on my neck when I woke up with a stiff neck. I use them for a multitude of purposes!

I hope this clears up some questions I have been getting lately. Remember, get your Basic Pumpkin Spice, its only here for a limited time!