Bedlam Beard Company - Based in Indiana. We strive to make the finest beard grooming products from the finest materials available. Our oils and creams are blended , poured and packaged here in Indiana USA. All combs made right here as well. We hope you enjoy Bedlam Beard Company products.

Summer Shipping Advisory


As you know, our products, balms and butters are used best once they have emulsified! Being that these products are created in small batches, we don't use any type of thickening agents, or residual chemical setups. So our balm and butters are directly effected by the heat, whether it be in the post office, mail box, or on your porch!


Please be careful when opening any of these products! Highly suggest you allow them to sit at room temperature or simply put into your refrigerator BEFORE opening balms or butters. To avoid some of this...from this date forward 6/22/2018 butters will be shipped in glass bottles! You are not alone if you have experienced this, as I made a huge damn mess at my friends house the other day after swimming!! WHOOPSIE!

So far, most of the butters and balms have made it home safe and sound, but I just got an email informing me that the butters melt quick and leak out of the tins. I cannot control the heat, but I can provide a better method of product delivery, and that is happening immediately!


If you run into these problems please email me and I will take care of you! Thank you for your support! 





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