Bedlam Beard Company - Based in Indiana. We strive to make the finest beard grooming products from the finest materials available. Our oils and creams are blended , poured and packaged here in Indiana USA. All combs made right here as well. We hope you enjoy Bedlam Beard Company products.

About Bedlam

Here at Bedlam Beard Company, we handcraft mens’ grooming products, including beard oils, balms, washes, and mustache wax. We take pride in using only quality essential oils and natural carrier oil blends (sweet almond, grape seed, golden jojoba, and fractioned coconut) to offer the best ingredients for your beard. Our products stimulate healthy hair growth, prevents split ends, protects against harmful UV rays, and provide natural skin conditioners that alleviate the itchiness of beards, also helps with damaged or dry facial hair, rich in Vitamin E. Most of our customers are traditional bearded men, who value our business model that caters to providing quality products at a fair price. However, our fragrances are also enticing women to use our products! Women are using them to treat their own hair and skin to the benefits of our natural products - we have even heard from a pregnant woman using it to prevent stretch marks! These rich combinations of fragrances and essential oils make Bedlam Beard Company products truly one-of-a-kind, and a necessity for a healthy, happy beard!

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Reviewers Welcome