Bedlam Beard Company - Based in Indiana. We strive to make the finest beard grooming products from the finest materials available. Our oils and creams are blended , poured and packaged here in Indiana USA. All combs made right here as well. We hope you enjoy Bedlam Beard Company products.

Reviewers Welcome

Reviewers Welcome

When Etsy decided that what Jason and I did when I purchased Bedlam was against their policies, and essentially shut Bedlam down, I was full of anger. But after a few weeks, couple bottles of Crown, countless Miller Lites...I think I'm better off! I mean shit I got the entire world at my fingertips now! I mean it sucks you lose 5000+ 5 Star reviews, but guess what...shit happens! And now I am getting at least 2 requests for reviews a day. So not only do we get reviewers, but I'm working on a way to put reviews under each product listed on the Collection page. 

It is very important to me that when people inquire about Bedlam products that they get honest answers and opinions. So as promised, when a reviewer submits a review to me, I will post it here! One of our Stockists whom carries limited number of our products made a reviewers day, which in turn made mine! So without further is the first YouTube review I have received!


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