EBC (Everyday Beard Comb)

EBC (Everyday Beard Comb)

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Finally!!! The EBC are here!! Everyday Beard Combs from Eville Creations!! These badass combs are made for Bedlam by Eville Creations! They are handcrafted from the old skateboard decks, which I prefer over metal combs any day!!! These will fit in your pocket, truck, bathroom, or wherever you want to carry it! But I guarantee you will know where this combs is after using it! Its a daily must have EDC item for the bearded man! I have 2, one in the bathroom and one in my truck! Gonna buy a 3rd one for the bike, cause after a ride I need a serious combing!!

Happy to team up with Josh at EBCEville Creations...he is a master craftsman, a Veteran, and has many other options available from jewelry, spinners, and openers.

Check them out on IG @eville_creations

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