Bedlam Beard Company was created in Jenks, OK by Jason Kearney in 2015. He created the many original scents that keep Bedlam a household name in the Beard Care Product market. The term "Bedlam" stems from the rivalry game between the Oklahoma State University  and Oklahoma University football game. Jason looked forward to the game every year, and poured that passion into the beard products. 

Fast forward to June 2017. Jason asks if I knew anyone looking to possibly purchase Bedlam. Being a disabled USMC Veteran, I didn't at the time even consider it an option for a career. But after some long thought, and homework, I decided that it would be the best option for me personally and professionally. I get to use my degree in Visual Communications, and my passion for beards, and also help people along the way!

Deal me in! The rest has been history! In June of 2017, Bedlam moved east, to Pittsboro, Indiana. It started out in the bedroom, it was tiny, and we outgrew it quickly! But we made do and worked out all the kinks and have found some good success! Mostly thanks to all of our loyal customers who have continued to buy into our philosophies and continue to purchase our kickass products! We then moved in December of 2017 to a bigger one room facility, and are content with how things are working out now! There are plans to build a bigger shop, but that is still in the planing phase!

Bedlam Beard has helped with the disasters in Puerto Rico, Children's Hospital in NY, aided the Texas Hurricane victims, provided monetary donations to Pit Bull Rescue groups, and sponsored many items for other various causes at numerous beard competitions across the country. And we don't plan on stopping there. We have a few close causes that we want to help as well this year yet, and are looking into a scholarship fund as well! We not only make beards look their best, but we want to be a part of making our communities the best as well!